Frequently asked question

Q: My unit has 2 plugs, do I need to use both?

A: Yes, you MUST plug both in. 1 plug is for the evaporator, and if it is not plugged in can cause serious damage to your unit not covered by warranty.

Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: 1 year warranty for parts and labor with a 4 year warranty on the compressor.

Q: How often do I need to perform maintenance?

A: At least once a month, preferably once a week if you are able. The manuals recommend daily cleaning as well.

Q: What kind of maintenance do I need to perform?

A: Every unit is different, so be sure to refer to the appropriate manual here. Some basic maintenance worth conducting would be dusting and cleaning the vents to help with performance and efficiency.

Q: Why is my unit struggling to reach or maintain temperature?

A: Location is everything. If the unit is close to a door or vent where environmental temperature can vary, then it may not cool properly.

Q: Why is my unit freezing?

A: Location is a big factor here as well. Being in a warm environment will cause the inside of the unit to sweat and that moisture can freeze.

Q: How do I thaw/defrost my unit?

A: Every unit is different so be sure to check the user manual here. Some units have defrost cycles and will automatically defrost on their own. Other cases may require unplugging the unit and giving the ice time to melt will often do the trick, but be sure to wipe away any water as excess liquid can damage the unit. Again, refer to the proper manual.

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